Health Benefit Of Pregnancy Pillow

Lots of people believe using pregnancy cushions is unusual until they try one. They figure they can achieve the very same results by piling regular pillows behind their backs. Of course when you find the wedge pregnancy pillow to get the first time you might think it’s weird. As every pregnant woman knows, it’s difficult to get a great night sleep as soon as your tummy is shaped just like a watermelon. Because a woman shouldn’t sleep on her back through the latter phases of pregnancy (it cuts off blood flow and flow), or her stomach (for obvious reasons), the only place left is lying on her side.

Use Of Pregnancy Pillow

The cushions can also be used as firm padding to squeeze involving the knees, so she does not roll backward or forward. The cover is usually removable and machine washable. If it’s in cotton, just throw it into the wash like your other bed cushions.

Wedge pregnancy pillows are typically lightweight, easily movable, and do not take up the entire bed. Another good thing is that it can adapt your ever growing belly, you can correct the Velcro to provide more space between the cushions. Just be sure that your skin is not exposed to the Velcro, it can be quite painful. Also, make sure you position it correctly as it might fall off the bed.

Parents of re-flux babies may also discover the wedge Pregnancy Pillow again. The wedge pregnancy pillow is really about only that angle. This pillow can help keep the baby elevated to the right height.

Wedge Pregnancy Pillow Facts

  1. Support back and belly during sleep
  1. Elevate legs to lessen cramps and swelling
  1. Fill is usually 100% polyurethane foam
  1. Middle layer is 80 percent polyester 20% cotton
  1. Lightweight portability makes it effortless for mom-to-be to move it about during sleep
  1. Makes a great shower gift!

On top of wedge pregnancy pillows are typically not expensive, so you do not have to break the bank to try one. They charge very affordably. From pregnancy to colds to re-flux and more a fantastic product for hardly any money, the wedge pregnancy cushion is good for both baby and mom.

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