How To Increase Height Naturally By Taking Proper Nutrition

How To Increase Height Naturally By Taking Proper Nutrition

Nutrition and Food is an essential part of a height increase program. Eating the right kind and amount of food will provide essential building material for tissues needed for growth. You need a steady combination of vitamins, protein, calcium, carbohydrates, iron, and lots of other minerals. Out of all these, vitamin, protein, and calcium are the most important. There are many ways you can obtain these nutrients. Here is a brief description of different ways you can get the required nutrition.

Fruits And Vegetables


Fresh fruit and vegetables are essential for your health as well as your height. Most vegetables are very rich in vitamins and most fruits provide vitamin C which most vegetables lack.  Eat lots of green vegetables and a variety of different fruits. Suggested 100% -1 25% of daily value.

  Meat And Dairy Products

Calcium and Proteins are perhaps the most important nutrients that was needed for and there are plenty of them in this category of products. Milk, Cheese and other dairy products are rich in calcium while most meat products are rich in protein. Soy Milk and beans are an excellent alternative to those who are vegetarians or allergic. Suggested 125% – 150% of daily value



The grain and wheat products should not be avoided. Food such as rice, bread, cereals is the one that fills you up. While a slightly less dose of it should be obtained when trying to grow taller( The over consumption of these product produces extra insulin, which could slow down the production of HGH), you should eat a healthy amount of it. Suggested 75% – 100%.

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There are a wide variety of supplements out there that can supply you the nutrients that you may lack in your daily diet. Things such as protein shake, calcium pill, multivitamin pills can all help you get the nutrients that you may lack. Supplements found on the internet that claims to make you grow taller are scams, they usually make you pay hundreds of dollars for simple multi vitamin pills that usually cost 10- 20 dollars.  You should replace supplements as much as possible with food since after all they are chemically made.

Things To Avoid

Things that are high in fat, sugar, salt, and oil should be taken at a fairly minimal amount. Don’t overeat before sleeping and don’t skip breakfast. Both overeating and under eating not only can stunt your growth but harmful for your health as well. A good height diet does not differ too much from healthy eating.

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